Forestry and nature conservation


Over the years we developed great knowledge of trees, woodlands and perfect enviroment for certain species to develop. 


Depopulating American Cherry

American cherry has been a problem in The Netherlands for decades. They take over the roof of natural species and such important trees as beach or scotspine are pushed out of the system. Since American Cherry is non native species, local insects and little animals has no use of it. It adopted very well and infected dutch land, it is important to keep control of it.


Meintanence of Heather fields

Heathe fields are cultural and historical land made by people in the deserted area. Preserving heathers are extremely important for special insects, vipers, sand and common lizards. Sometimes of high acidity in the air (manure of animals or transport co2 emission) scots pine or on rare occasion oak starts to grow.  



Forest usually has few different purpose - tourism, timber or nature conservation. Depending on it's purpose the future crop can be chosen and competitors reduced by using chainsaw or digging machine. 


Planting/ replating

Some forests has too many excotic or dead trees which need to be renewd or changed. Also planting and replaning projects help to sustain various species.


Amfibian fences

Keeping amfibians safe is one of the great challenges we are facing nowadays. One of the most popular way of doing it is by building fences to protect them from havy maintenace projects (temporarly fences) or busy roads (permenant fances). 


Prunning trees, lawns/ BTA

On of the most important projects in the forests, which are visited by people, is to keep them safe. Hanging branches, dead trees and overgrown bushes might cause danger to any visitor. Control is a must.


Making meintanence planing

People can always progress the goals of nature, making a plan is one of the way to take control and help natural areas. Meintanace plan can be done for a year, 5 or 10. A plan is important to overview the work over the period and to help take control of a budget.


And many more projects ahead.


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